Good Cheap Champagne Flutes

Champagne - It's not just for celebrations


Champagne Flutes and Glasses can be expensive, for example the Riedel Sommeliers Vintage Champagne Glass are around $70+ a piece and worth it according to many people. A dozen of these will set you back a bit, and they're fragile. There are however, good, cheap Champagne Flutes available.

Now if you need 100 ultra cheap flutes for a wedding, look for our article on plastic Champagne flutes and glasses. We are going to discuss real glasses here that are inexpensive but that work extremely well. I own some of these and use them often.

Remember glasses are important. Your Champagne is not going to taste nearly as well from a pint glass, in a children's sippy cup, or drunk through I crazy straw (although I'm sometimes joking use one, as well as swig straight from the bottle, "Billionaire on a Yacht" style). But glasses do not need to be expensive to be good.

You can usually get half decent ones locally,  for example at kitchen supply stores and stores like Crate and Barrel, but I usually buy mine online as it's easier and often cheaper.

There are a few brands to consider, but I am very happy with Reidel and Spiegelau (now owned by Reidel) for less expensive cheap glasses that work well. We are pretty much talking under $10 glasses or thereabouts, and you will not be getting hand blown glasses at these prices but the quality can be surprisingly fine.

Spiegelau Festival Champagne FlutesThe Spiegelau Festival Champagne Flutes depicted on the left come in two packs and are well under $10 each as of this writing. They have a classic, tall bowl with thin cut and polished rims, and are 2 x 2 x 8.8 inches.

These Festivals are pretty study and hold up well to use, and are used by many restaurants, caterers, etc. and are great for around the home too. I even bounced one off the floor once with no ill effects other than a partial glass of spilled Champagne.

Of course at this price they are not hand blown and you can feel the edge on the stem, but that won't affect the taste.

Reviews are great including "I loved these glasses" by Tara from Iowa and "Spiegelau quality at a decent price" by Mel near Chicago. Click Here to read all the reviews.Riedel Overture Champagne Glasses


The Riedel Ouverture Champagne Glass to the right is another great budget glass, also available in 2 packs for slightly under $10 a glass.

They 8-1/2 inches high, machine made from lead free crystal, and ideal for everyday use and parties. Although they advertise them as dishwasher safe, I recommend hand washing especially if you have hard water, but at the price it's not a big deal.

BB from  Chicago says, "Very well-made champagne glassware at a great price. I plan to buy more in the future " and I agree. Click here to read the full review.

Remember that Champagne is white wine. Any white glass will work as well, and can work extremely well. Some connoisseurs prefer a good white wine glass in fact.

And worse case, you can drink from the bottle, "Billionaire on a Yacht style," or share a bottle drunk through crazy straws with the babysitter.