Plastic Champagne Flutes and Glasses

Champagne - It's not just for celebrations


Plastic Champagne FIutes or Glasses are great when you need bulk Champagne glasses, for example for an opening, a wedding, or a reception. They are often used as wedding Champagne glasses for example.

Now let's be honest, Champagne is best out of fine hand blown glass, but if you need a couple hundred, that is impractical. Although some facilities may have many real glass ones, most do not have that many.

Plastic Champagne flutes or glasses are just fine for a toast. We do not suggest using them for drinking Vintage or other special Champagnes. However for a toast with a cheaper sparkling wine, perhaps a tasty Spanish Cava or a Californian sparkler, they are quite functional. I'll take my Krug, Salon, and Dom Perignon in proper glassware however, thank you.

Plastic Champagne glasses are usually either of the short and wide variety, often called Champagne coupes or Champagne saucers, or tall and thin flute style glasses. The shorter ones are allegedly in the shape of Marie Antoinette's breasts, although that is probably false. The style was popularized in the 1660s in England when most Champagne was sweeter, and the flute style is more common these days as it retains the bubbles of today's dryer varieties. Not a big issue for a quick toast.

disposable bulk plastic champagne glassesThe Plastic Champagne glasses to the right are the traditional coupe or saucer style, and come in bulk 25 packs for under $10.

They come in two pieces, the top and bottom, and connect quickly but not overly sturdily (no plastic glasses like these do), and are essentially disposable. You'd be nuts to try to wash them anyways.

They get the job done and if you like this style they work well, and of course glasses of this style are stackable as in the picture. For about 35 cents a piece they are a bargain.

Bulk Disposable Plastic Champagne Flutes
If you prefer Plastic Champagne Flutes, the ones pictured to the left are inexpensive yet functional flutes similar to the saucers above.

They come in 25 packs, are 6 1/2 inches tall, and easily assembly from 2 pieces. They also run about 35 cents each so they are quite economical, even if you need one or two hundred.

Reviewers generally like them, and they seem to be more sturdy than most.

Plastic Champagne Glasses and Flutes are ideal when you have a crowd, whether that means 10 or 500. They are very popular as wedding Champagne glasses, for New Years Eve parties, and more. They are cheap, available in bulk, and disposable. They are not designed nor appropriate for drinking expensive Champagnes from, and if you are spending from $100 on up per bottle you can afford more than 25 cent glasses!