Champagne Brands and Houses

Champagne - It's not just for celebrations


Big Champagne producers are commonly called Champagne Houses, and they make the well known Champagne brands. Even when they own substantial vineyards like Moet and Chandon, they still buy lots of grapes from farmers as many produce oceans of wine, often with remarkable quality & consistency. For example, we do not know how much Dom Perignon is produced, but an incredible amount is and it is of extremely high quality. Most Champagne is produced by the Champagne Houses, as opposed to usually smaller co-operatives and much smaller grower producers. Many of the big brands, the names that are in our minds when we think Champagne, are the Champagne Houses, as well as the prestige cuvees they produce like Cristal, Dom Perignon, and La Grande Dame. Below are articles on our favorite and popular Champagne brands and houses.

Champagne Ayala - A small negociant in Ay that makes wines of elegance and grace.

Baron-Fuente - A small negociant sometimes called a "Pinot Meunier" specialist as many of their blends of Meunier heavy.

Billecart-Salmon -  Wines of "finesse, balance, and elegance" - they are best known for for their Non Vintage Rose.