The Champagne Poodle

Once upon a time in a land far away . . . (a true story)


Once upon a time in a land far away, I worked closely with a friend named Pierre. Pierre was a native French speaker and purebred, just like a poodle.

Now Pierre, just like a poodle, is extremely intelligent. And just like a poodle, and other purebred and highly intelligent pooches, sometimes a little hard to handle. If fact part of my job became to help Pierre stay focused on work instead of running down the street yapping at cars, chasing female poodles, and otherwise getting distracted from the prime directive, which was trying to keep our project from exploding.

I learned a lot from Pierre, and still do today. Near the top of the list was uncovering my taste for fine wine, and in particular Champagne.

Some people pop open a beer after work. Pierre would pop open a bottle of Champagne. This was a nearly daily occurrence, often a several times a day or at least night occurrence.

And sometimes instead of opening a bottle we'd walk to "his bar" and drink Champagne by the glass, often while finishing up whatever work we felt was important.

It didn't take long until Pierre was nicknamed "The Poodle." And a fine Poodle he made, possessing the finest traits of Poodles worldwide. Not a French Poodle, but a purebred Belgian Poodle, who literally grew up a mere short drive from Champagne, which perhaps in part helps explain his affinity for Champagne?

I hereby dedicate this Web site to Pierre, The Champagne Poodle!

 'A Votre Sante' to you Pierre, and a  "Op uw gezondheid" to any Belgian Flemish Poodles around.