About Ted

Hi, I'm Ted Demopoulos. Welcome to my Web site.

I have three kids between 8 and 12 years old, a house in the suburbs, an ex-wife  - all that standard stuff.

I am an information security consultant; can I just say "hacker" ? - it's sexier. What I do must work - I was able to get you here, right?

The value in most organizations is in their information.  Some information needs to be tightly controlled, and I help many clients with Information Security. Other information is far more valuable when you spread it far and wide, for example showing how good your 'stuff' is or how good you are if you're looking for your next opportunity. This sometimes falls under the umbrella of marketing, social media, and viral promotion.

My clients range from individuals to IBM, from startup companies to the US Air Force Special Operations Command, from the local indoor climbing gym to the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Somewhere along the line I realized that since I need to eat and drink to survive, I might as well eat and drink well. I also realized, with a little help from my friend Pierre (nicknamed "The Poodle"), that I really like Champagne.

Besides eating and drinking well, and associated activities like cooking, my hobbies include:

Welcome to my Web site. Have yourself a glass of Champagne, or whatever you prefer. You can contact me at ted at ChampagnePoodle dot com.