Waterford Crystal Champagne Flutes

Wonderful Flutes from Waterford


Waterford Crystal Champagne flutes are very popular, and Waterford has been making fine crystal for over 200 years! I own some and use them for special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries. I love the great feel they have in the hand. They make a wide range, and sometimes you can find incredible deals on closeouts as I did.

The only problem with closeouts is that if you break flutes (as I and my guests have) they may be near impossible to replace. We'll look at some very popular and awesome Waterford Crystal Champagne flutes below.

Waterford Happy Celebrations Crystal Flute GlassesThe Waterford Happy Celebrations Crystal Flute Glasses are elegant dazzling crystal flute trumpet shaped glasses with flared stems and are great for all celebrations. They're engraved with Champagne bubble inspired patterns and make great gifts!

These make a fantastic addition to a home glassware collection whether they are your first and only Champagne flutes or simply ones for very special occasions.

The way they capture and refract light, especially when filled with Champagne, can be truly breathtaking!

Alice from Ontario simple says "Stunning!! and Michael says "Absolutely Perfect Flutes!" in their 5 star reviews! Click here to see all the reviews.Marquis by Waterford Brookside

Also quite popular and less expensive are the Marquis by Waterford Brookside flutes whose goal is to combine simpler modern designs that equal older designs in beauty and grace. They come in 4 packs, hold 8 ounces, have intricate faceting and a classic bowls. The deep wedge cuts and 16 pint faceted stars are exactly what you'd expect from Waterford.

Why are the Marquis by Waterford Brookside flutes less expensive? They are machine cut versus hand-made Waterford lead crystal, but are still wonderful.

S Moore from Oakland says "STUNNING!!!!!" and Barbara Baines from Missoula, Montana says "Treat yourself like royalty!" Click Here to see all the reviews.

Marquis by Waterford Yours Truly Flute PairThe Marquis by Waterford Yours Truly Flute Pair is a romantic set of two tall toasting flutes etched with hearts and swirling vines, packaged in a pink gift box. Combine with a bottle of your favorite bubbly and you've got a very elegant gift!

These have a very thin stem and stand 11 1/4 inches tall.

The price is right, most people love these, but they are not up to the quality (or nearly the price either) of the Waterford Happy Celebrations Crystal Flute Glasses above.

You can Click Here to see all the reviews, mostly 5 star.

Of course there are more Waterford Crystal Champagne flutes available, but these are the among the most popular. Click Here to see all the Waterford Crystal Champagne flutes.