Freixenet Cava

Freixenet, one of the most widespread and available Spanish Sparkling Wines (Cava)


Freixenet (pronounced "fresh-en-net") is a large Cava producer in Catalonia, Spain, west of Barcelonia. Of course Cava is a sparkling wine, relatively inexpensive, and delightful. It is made using the same method as Champagne, the méthode champenoise.

Freixenet's leading wine is Carta Nevada, but many know them best for their ubiquitous Cordon Negro in the black bottle. I cannot walk into a supermarket or wine store without seeing its iconic bottle.

Their history go back to 1911 (and well beyond) when a marriage occurred between two long term  winemaking families, the Ferrers and the Salas. The Freixenet name was used first in 1915, and the Cava business took off in the 1920s. They describe themselves as "the world leader in méthode champenoise sparkling wine" and méthode champenoise sparkling wines are all they produce.

Freixenet is now part of the family owned Freixenet Group, which also produces Cava at Segura Viudas, Castellblanch, Conde de Caralt and Canals & Nubiola, as well as still wines in Portugal, Spain, Bordeaux and even Australia and more.

Tours of the winery are available and easy to access as the winery is right by the main train station in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia in Catalonia. Codorníu, the largest producer of Cava, is also located there.

The majority of their wines are made entirely of the native and traditional grapes, Macabeo, 25% Xarel-lo and 40% Parellada, although there is also some experimentation with international grape varieties.

Freixenet makes several varieties of Cava. These include:

Cordon Negro Brut - In the famous black bottle, this is an extremely popular wine and made from 35% Macabeo, 25% Xarel-lo and 40% Parellada.

Cordon Negro Brut Extra Dry - Similar to the Brut above, this is a slightly less dry wine.

Carta Nevada Brut - Also made from the traditional grape varieties, this is their fruitiest Freixenet Cordon Negrowine.

Carta Nevada Semi Dry - This is a semi sweet wine, that works as a dessert wine or as an easy going apertif wine.

Corton Rosado Brut - A Rose Cava made from Trepat and Garnacha grapes.

Brut Reserva - This is a vintage Cava and their top of the line wine.

They also make a wine described as a "Spumante" and "Elyssia" Brut and Rose, which blend international grape varieties like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with the traditional Cava grapes.

Tasting Note: Freixenet Cordon Negro Extra Dry - February, 2013 - rated B-

Although this is less dry than their Cordon Negro Brut, it is still quite dry.

The nose has green apples, some chalky minerals, and hints of orange citrus.

It has a pleasant mouth feel with golden apple and a nice mouth coating feel.

Simple yet pleasant - a decent wine I'm happy to drink.