Champagne Quotes

Some Famous Champagne Quotes and Sayings


I simply love Champagne. I can drink it every day.

None of this, "come home from work and open a beer." I like beer . . . but I love Champagne. Give me a glass of Champagne, please.

We have this famous Madame Bollinger quote:

I drink champagne when I'm happy and when I'm sad. Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I'm not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it - unless I'm thirsty.
    -Madame Lilly Bollinger, The First Lady of Champagne, and once a Hot Chick before I was born

It stresses that champagne is not only for special occasions. It's a great everyday wine. Champagne goes stunningly well with a wide variety of food as well as by itself. Yes, expensive vintage Champagnes are great for special celebrations as well, for example the 3rd Tuesday of the month (it only comes once per month you know) or your Aunt Irma's nose job.

Why do I drink Champagne for breakfast? Doesn't everyone?
    -Noel Coward

Well, I don't have it for breakfast very often, but it does goes extremely well with eggs!

Note this Winston Churchill Champagne Quote:

Remember gentlemen, it's not just France we are fighting for, it's Champagne!
    -Winston Churchill, WWII, Drunken Englishman

Yes, it is that important to some of us, plus the quote is just funny. I'm not sure how serious Sir Churchill was, but he was a massive Champagne fan. He also liked Franklin Roosevelt apparently.

Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of champagne; knowing him was like drinking it.   
     -Winston Churchill

Of course Churchill didn't drink just any Champagne:

I am easily satisfied with the best
    -Winston Churchill on Champagne reportedly


And I agree Winston, Dear Old Chap.

And of course we all know the Three Dog Night song "Joy to the World," where they sing "Jeremiah was a bullfrog. Was a good friend of mine. I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him a-drink his wine."

Als je het leven vult met Champagne dan heb je een bruisend bestaan.
    -Jeroen van Craaikamp, I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him a-drink his Champagne

Maybe he was speaking Dutch or Flemish or whatever that dude above is speaking?

And of course we have this famous Napoleon Champagne quote:

I drink Champagne when I win, to celebrate…and I drink Champagne when I lose, to console myself.
    -Napoleon Bonaparte, Short French Dude with funny hat who tried to conquer the world


Attractive actresses like it - not too sure about unattractive ones, they're so rare.

Champagne is the one thing that gives me zest when I feel tired.
    -Brigitte Bardot, a few months after her 60th birthday.

There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.
    -Bette Davis, in the film Old Acquaintance.

{Champagne} " gives you the impression that every day is Sunday.
    -Marlena Dietrich

Most women do love Champagne. They would if they were men too. And if your aunt had balls she'd be your uncle, but might not mind if she had a glass of Champagne!

My only regret in life is that I did not drink more Champagne.
   -John Maynard Keynes

Alas, I am dying beyond my means.

    -Oscar Wilde, sipping champagne on his deathbed.

I hope to drink enough Champagne in my lifetime, if possible, and if not, drinking while dying is apparently an option for some. Perhaps it's served in heaven as well?

Maybe I misjudged Stromberg. Any man who drinks Dom Perignon ´52 can´t be all bad
 -James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me

My dear girl, there are some things that just aren't done, such as drinking Dom Perignon '53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. That's just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs!
    -James Bond, Goldfinger  

My Dear Bond, although many good people have good taste, 38 degrees Fahrenheit is much too cold for 53 Dom. And shouldn't you be using Celsius anyways like a good Englishman?

But Champagne is not drinking
    -David Niven, when asked why he was drinking

I remember this when I am dieting due to previous excess, and allegedly not drinking.

And now for something completely different:

Do twenty minutes' work and then spend the rest of the day loafing around in Paris, drinking gallons of Champagne and having dozens of moist, pink, highly experienced French peasant girls galloping up and down my . . . hang on . . . !
-Edmund Blackadder, Blackadder goes Forth

Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right
    -Mark Twain, always the sage one

We support drinking responsibly, whatever that may mean to you. Just don't drive!

Pleasure without Champagne is purely artificial.
    -Oscar Wilde, perhaps exaggerating a bit to make a point

These are our favorite Champagne Quotes. Do you have a favorite one not listed?